It all began when Lydia Barnett and Ashley D. Everett created the Facebook group "Natural Hair at its Finest."
The group is made up of women and men of color and other cultures who are interested in natural hair. The group
 is growing with over a hundred members and counting. Topics that are discussed deal with “transitioning hair” from 
relaxed to natural and also provide tips to people who are natural. For one to be “natural,” it means they have stopped 
chemically altering their hair texture. These chemicals are better known as relaxers and perms. In this group, no one is 
pressured to go natural. They join the group and transition to natural hair by choice only. We encourage women to love
themselves natural hair or not.
     The purpose of the conference is to create face to face fellowship with different cultures andtypes of hair. Sadly, women
especially are judged by their hair. Currently, natural hair is not 100% socially accepted. In the African American Society, we are 
sometimes our worst enemy. We sometimes placeeach other in negative categories and pull each other down. The conference’s 
purpose is to encourageand promote a diverse aesthetic of beauty. For those who are natural or thinking about it, they do not have
many kinetic examples of hair options. We would love to not only share in fellowship, but provide a cheerful environment to learn new 
techniques of hair care and master old ones. A survey will be given after the conference to assess the impact of the conference. We desire
 feedback from those involved so that we will know the needs of our target public.Feedback will affect what we do for future conferences. Our 
official colors are purple and green, which represent royalty and life thus, a royal lifestyle. We believe everyone should hold themselves up to 
a majestic standard.


Lydia Barnett

     Lydia Barnett is a graduating senior at Mississippi State University and majoring in Communication with a concentration in public relations. She is implementing her PR skills in the planning process of this conference. She has been natural since February 2008. Her journey began when she finally realized that she no longer wanted a relaxer. After months of straightening her hair, she discovered her natural hair and embraced it. She also documents her hair journey on Youtube under the name "naturallydelish.” She has aspirations of being a natural hair ambassador and feels planning this conference is her first step in becoming one. She takes joy in helping other naturals and encouraging them through their journey.

Ashley D. Everett

Ashley D. Everett majored in Animal and Dairy Sciences with a concentration in Science at Mississippi State University. She was first inspired to go natural after attending a conference held in Atlanta, Georgia entitle Impact with a close friend of hers in 2006. This was her first time seeing several women who not only had natural hair, but carried themselves in a way that broke a lot of the stereotypes Ashley had about natural hair. In 2009, she researched natural hair and transition for 3 months before cutting the relaxed hair off. Since then she has learned a lot about her hair and about the questions and concerns of others with natural hair. Through errors and success she has had with her hair journey thus far, she has been inspired to help others with their transitional and natural hair journeys.